Our Mission



(A Unique Platform for All Art Forms, Culture, Music, Dance, Theatre, Tourism & Heritage)

This is a hard fact that main stream media is based on Politics, Crime, Gossips & Sensationalism.  There is very marginal space for our Culture, Art forms, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre, Tourism & Heritage in traditional main stream media platforms. We believe that there are large number of viewers and readers, who are in search of this type of unique platform from where they can get and share information and reports about these areas. We are committed for this mission through our website   www.indianartforms.com  and web channel 7 Rang.

  • IAF is committed to promote and enrich Indian Culture, Different Art Forms, Literature, Unseen Destinations for Tourism, Our Heritage, Music & Dance Traditions, Theatre, Life style, Agro-Culture, Natural Healing Methods and so on.
  • We believe that Culture has no boundaries. Skills, Art Forms, Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre, Tourism & Heritage should not be politicalized.
  • IAF is creating a parallel media platform through Web TV & Web Magazine named (7 Rang) and Web Portal totally committed for Art, Literature, Culture, Tourism & Heritage and also for highlighting the positive & developmental side of the society.

Posted Date:

December 5, 2016 3:59 pm

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