This world is a stage and we all in one way or the other, are a part of it. Indian theater tradition is rich and it is influenced and in turn influences every aspect of our lives. The new innovation and plays being staged across the country varies. We will bring you all the latest happenings in the theater world right here on this platform.

Good Bye The Great Tom Alter…
7 Rang
September 30, 2017

Such A Drama Queen…
7 Rang
July 5, 2017

If protests, bans and threats are indicative of how effective a play is, Asmita has had a really good run. Ambedkar Aur Gandhi, which relives the famous debate on caste between the two leaders, has faced angry mobs in Kapurthala. Mr. Jinnah was banned in Delhi (the actors later staged it outside a neighboring police station). Its latest Hindu Code Bill deals with the historic squabbling over legislation to strengthen women’s rights. Next up is that imagines a conversation between the leader and his assassin. In the 25 years of its existence, the Delhi-based theatre group has never once done a play that is a pure money-spinner. Can we describe Asmita as an amateur group? Founder Arvind Gaur bristles at the use of the word ‘amateur’. No, he says, the actors are in it for life, for livelihoods. But it isn’t professional either because the cause comes first on Asmita’s agenda.

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